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Leading Value-Added Distributor Of Carrier-Grade Connectivity Solutions


Cogent Distribution is a value-added distributor for best-of-breed wireless and connectivity products.


We are a renowned value-added distributor (VAD) and distribution partner, operating across the UK and Ireland, as well as territories in mainland Europe. Here at Cogent Distribution, we work with top selling brands including: RADWIN, PEPLINK, PERLE SYSTEMS, SAF TEHNIKA, TELTONIKA NETWORKS, RF ELEMENTS, SIKLU, and NEXTIVITY.


We are also a valued partner to resellers, system integrators, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and mobile network operators.

Connectivity Expertise

Cogent Distribution are product experts in the field of connectivity technology. Resellers, system integrators, OEMs and mobile network operators come to us because of our value-added services, unique approach and range of capabilities.


Starting with pre-sales, we work closely with our manufacturers to advise on the latest best-of-breed product developments. This means we understand the full spectrum of a product’s capability and can recommend what’s best for you and your customers.


“Our aim is to maximise and support your business performance. Ultimately, Cogent Distribution delivers greater business agility and a better bottom line.” Jim Kernahan, Managing Director

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Optimised Solutions

Cogent Distribution provides value-added consultancy and design services to ensure the most suitable products are selected for all your connectivity requirements.


Our high-level technical and solutions support will give you all the information and practical assistance you require to solve your connectivity problems, make better decisions, and put together the best solution for any application.


“We have extensive knowledge of planning, configuring and designing solutions. You can rely on Cogent Distribution to provide the right solutions for your business needs.” Mark Turvey, Solutions Manager

Performance Reliability

What differentiates Cogent Distribution from our competitors and underpins our reputation is our consistent focus on reliability. Regardless of the requirements or complexity of your project, our team can be counted on to follow through and achieve results.


Plus, as a true value-added distributor for connectivity products, we continually strive to enhance the services we offer our customers, so that you reap the benefits from your collaboration with us.


“Our service capabilities and dependability keep our customers coming back. At Cogent Distribution, we evaluate each application, recommend bespoke solutions to fit your criteria and deliver cost-effective results.” Ben Levit, Business Development Manager

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Rapid Dispatch

Cogent Distribution prioritises maintaining a high level of stock availability to minimise shipment lead-time, enable rapid dispatch, and improve business agility.


Our warehousing capacity and facilities have been significantly expanded by relocating to a purpose-built 6,500sqft premises in Newbury, Berkshire. We will continue to grow our stock of best-of-breed wireless and connectivity products, meaning that with our fast delivery you can often get your customers up and running in as little as 24 hours.


Security Confidence

Our customers are secure in the knowledge that Cogent Distribution will be here to work with them long-term. This gives them the confidence to do business with us again and again.


We operate our company to extremely high standards and security is of fundamental importance in all that we do. Equally, we make sure that all the wireless connectivity products we sell come with the latest and best security features built in.


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OEMs - Original Equipment Manufactuers